even though the girl with the kraken tattoo and i were just introduced, i already forgot her name. i am remembering many things about her. she is from a city near here. the city is named seattle. seattle is the primary city for the shadowrun mythos. i think she knows that. she is a fan of brian eno. she hates everything.

she says, good idea: ignore your problems.

i resigned myself to stay. when we came, there were six and now there are five. we are stuck. i can not remember why i came. this knife wound will bleed on your new dress while i refresh my gmail for two hours. we are both primarily made up of nothing. mal intent. (at least we have that going for us) it wont be long. (the time is not important) you are a thousand miles away. i will go a thousand miles further. (the distance is not important) if i was you, i would alienate me in these little ways. (who i am is not important) a person walked in to the coffee shop and said they were having the best day of their life. then i listened to two people talk about how they never had a best day. (she is going for it) it will come. he will walk in to the bathroom and compare his penis to one drawn on the wall.


i cut my own hair. i built my bike. i made that bread you are eating.

go fuck yourself. yourself go fuck. fuck yourself go. go yourself fuck. fuck go yourself. yourself fuck go.

in the morning, i will be asleep. i will dream that i fall asleep and never wake up.